Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lan.Space?

Lan.Space is the first platform of its kind that allows two-way-interactions between hosts and users. The platform focuses on the exchange of true knowledge, valuable ideas and important opinions. Head to the About page to find out more.


How can I join the Lan.Space community?

Join our global community of patrons, muses and disciples by clicking the sign up button at the top right of the page. Want to become a luminary or ambassador instead? Drop us a message at info@lan.space to find out more about our luminary and ambassador programs.


How can I book a session?

Book a session by browsing through our upcoming events and clicking the ‘book’ button on the bottom or drop us a message with an event you’d like to book to hello@lan.space.


How can I pay for the sessions?

At the moment we accept payment through PayPal only. Stay tuned for further payment options like credit card payments and redeeming a gift voucher. Our team is working hard to make the payment process as frictionless as possible.


Ticket cancellation / cancellation policy?

Any session can be cancelled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase or at least 3 days before the session starts. We also offer a credit option to enjoy another session at a different time. Please note that credit will have to be used within 2 months of reception.


Can I gift a session?

There are very few things that can beat helping a dear friend, family member or loved one to experience a session on one of their favourite hobbies or interests. To gift a session, sent us an email, including the name of the recipient, the session you’d like to gift and a suitable date to hello@lan.space.


We are a group, can we do a session all together?

Our mission is to bring people together on the path to illumination. If you’d like to book a group session for you and your family, your best friends or your work colleagues send us a short outline of how many people will be joining the session to hello@lan.space.


Can more people be part of one session with me?

Each ticket is valid for one person only, if you wish to experience a session of your choice with a loved one or in a group, please contact hello@lan.space.


Am I able to interact with my instructor?

Lan.Space focuses on two-way interactions. Our events encompass a wide variety of formats. Depending on the type of event you’re joining, you could have one-to-one sessions, podium talks with the opportunity to ask questions at the end or a live concert in your living room.


What is a Luminary?

Luminaries are extraordinary individuals with unique talents from around the globe who are destined to connect with likeminded people. Lan.Space is for the people who are inspiring us most - the writers that changed the way we thought, the musicians that opened our ears to rhythms from far-fetched corners of the world, the yogis who showed us that forward bends weren’t just about touching our toes.


Can I become a Luminary?

At Lan.Space we believe that everyone has special gifts waiting to be shared with the world. Send us a short video that shows us who you are and why you have what it takes to become a Luminary for Lan.Space, as well as a detailed outline for your first session or activity, who you are looking to connect with and what sets you apart from others in your field to hello@lan.space.


What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are emissaries of Lan.space handpicked by project Leader, Lan Tschirky. These accomplished and respected individuals are representing the unique culture and values of the Luminary Access Network. Ambassadors will be tasked with promoting the platform not only in their own communities but also on a national and global scale. Based in all corners of the world, their trusted mission is to gather and nurture talent.


What are the technical requirements?

To host a session you will need a laptop or desktop computer equipped with an HD webcam, a fast and stable internet connection, as well as basic computer skills.


My session/zoom call doesn’t work

Try reconnecting to the session. If you’re still having trouble don’t hesitate to contact our amazing team at hello@lan.space. Let our experts help you make meaningful connections.