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Make your first move on to the chessboard and become an expert chess player.

This beginner‘s chess class will teach you what the different pieces on the board are called, what their functions are and how to use them to play different openings. Chess is known as the game of kings for a reason. It‘s an old multifaceted strategy game that involves logical thinking, evaluating risk and psychology.

Playing chess holds a high status in today‘s society as well, because it requires calculating risk to make quick decisions, dealing with upcoming problems in the most efficient way and predicting your opponent’s next move - all very useful skills for any decision-maker or manager in most industries.

The opportunity to interact with your tutor and ask questions whenever you want, as well as connecting with other like-minded chess players during the sessions are guaranteed to catalyse your improvement while making you a part of our global community.

Vedant has trained more than 2000 students since 2005. Over 100 students have gone on to get the International FIDE Rating and many more have taken part in state and national level events. Train your brain and unlock the game of kings under the guidance of international chess player Vedant.

Vedant's chess tutoring takes place online and uses a playful approach that doesn't require participants to bring their own chess boards.

All of our experiences are hosted online and are globally accessible. Sessions require a stable internet connection, as well as a webcam/microphone to interact with the host and other participants.


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