Acoustic Dance Music with Didgeridoo Dance & Relax

with Renato Oliveira

Feel the beat and deep vibrations of the didgeridoo.

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Get into the trance, let go and enjoy well-crafted electronic dance music with catchy melodies. Enjoy driving beats that will get you in a good mood and up on your feet. Renato Oliveira, a.k.a Till Sunday Pirate is a one-man band that takes inspiration from many different places and produces rhythmic dance beats to make you move! He bases his performance on the Didgeridoo, an instrument originally from Australia. In his shows, he connects with the audience by merging a mix of sounds from different cultures he visited and studied over the years into rhythms that offer a unique experience. His career started 19 years ago on the streets of Europe. In those past two decades, his work with bands like OliveTreeDance and Retimbrar gave him the passion for different styles of traditional music driving him to grow into the unique musician he is now. Come and enjoy musical entertainment from independent artists on Lan Space. Join us and become part of our global community.


All of our experiences are hosted online and are globally accessible. Sessions require a stable internet connection, as well as a webcam/microphone to interact with the host and other participants.


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Didgeridoo and breathwork specialist

Get into the trance with vibrational Didgeridoo tunes and electronic mash ups.